Illinois iOptics Seminar Series

By Gabriel Popescu1, Mustafa Mir1, Vikram Chaudhery1, Brian Cunningham1

1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



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The Optical Society of America and the SPIE local student chapters are sponsoring the 2nd iOptics seminar series.

The series includes lectures from graduate students, post-docs and faculty working at the cutting edge of optics and photonics research.

Website: University of Illinois iOptics Seminar Series

Illinois iOpitcs

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In This Series

  1. Illinois iOptics Lecture 1: Super Accuracy and Super-Resolution of Molecular Motors and Ion Channels

    16 Apr 2010 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Paul R Selvin

    The standard diffraction limit of light is about 250 nm, meaning that you cannot "resolve" objects closer than this distance. Despite this, we have come up with a method to measure individual biomolecules with 1.5 nm spatial localization in x-y plane and 1-500 msec temporal resolution, using a...

  2. Illinois iOptics Lecture 2: Curavature induced time-domain impedance

    17 May 2010 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Jont B. Allen

    Abstract for this talk is available as a PDF in supporting materials. Click here to view.

  3. Illinois iOptics Lecture 3: A tissue scattering-phase theorem

    17 May 2010 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Gabriel Popescu

    We have derived two mathematical relationships between quantitative phase images of thin tissue slices and the scattering parameters of the bulk, i.e. scattering mean free path, ls, and anisotropy factor, g. The ls turns out to be inversely proportional to the mean-squared phase shift and g is...

  4. Illinois iOptics Lecture 4: Advance applications in Nanomaterials, Photovoltaics, Organic/Inorganic Sensors, Materials Science, and Alternative Energies, etc. using Raman and Photoluminescence Technologies

    10 Aug 2010 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Emmanuel Leroy, Michael Oweimrin

  5. Illinois iOptics Lecture 5: Deposited Nanorod Films for Biosensor Applications

    17 May 2010 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Brian Cunningham

    Planar photonic crystals have been used as the basis of many biological sensing devices. Here, we successfully demonstrated that the combination of a photonic crystal structure and a dielectric nanorod coating prepared by the glancing angle deposition technique can lead to significant increases...

  6. iOptics Seminar Series Lecture 3: Single Molecule Investigation of Nucleic Acid Motor Proteins

    13 Oct 2010 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Su-A Myong

    When looking down on streets of Chicago from the 30th floor of a skyscraper, one would see a high density of cars and people buzzing around all over the place. It would appear as if everyone was everywhere at any given time. When observed at an individual level, however, one would exhibit a...