Bulk Monte Carlo Lab

By Dragica Vasileska1, Mark Lundstrom2, Stephen M. Goodnick1, Gerhard Klimeck2

1. Arizona State University 2. Purdue University

This tool calculates the bulk values of the carrier drift velocity and average electron energy in any material in which the conduction band is represented by a three valley model. Examples include Si, Ge and GaAs.

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Version 2.0 - published on 22 Aug 2014

doi:10.4231/D3GT5FG5Q cite this

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    I explored the Bulk GaAs Ensemble Monte Carlo tool for the nanohub assignment. The tool computes the drift velocity, mean free energy and carrier temperature when an electric field is specified.Using this relatively simple tool one can actually get the velocity field curve for GaAs. I have obtained one. The low field mobility can then be extracted from this curve which is 7210 cm^2/V-s which is close to what is found in literature.

    I observed that the tool gives same value of drift velocity when I feed 1KV/cm and 1.5KV/cm, probably it expects only an integer ?

    I feel some more options in the tool can make it even more useful to people who are novice to this field, for example:

    1) The population of the 3 valleys (gamma, L, and X) could be added 2) The tool could probably be converted into a more general purpose one by allowing the user to play with parameters like deformation potentials, impurity concentration etc ..

    The tool has the flexibility to reduce number of particles or number of iterations so that the user can play with simulation time and accuracy. Overall I think this is a good tool for someone to get a feel for some of the transport issues in GaAs.

    Chaitanya Sathe (UIUC)

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