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  1. Welcome and Overview of Birck Characterization Core

    Online Presentations | 02 May 2024 | Contributor(s):: Neil R Dilley

  2. What do all of these Filters do?

    Online Presentations | 22 Apr 2024 | Contributor(s):: Jeffrey Lindemuth

  3. Really Real - When is a lock-in data point valid? How big is my error bar?

    Online Presentations | 17 Apr 2024 | Contributor(s):: David Daughton

  4. Learn How to Optimize Low-Level Measurements using Lake Shore Cryogenic Probe Stations and Quantum Design PPMS®

    Workshops | 16 Apr 2024 | Contributor(s):: Neil R Dilley (organizer), Emilio Codecido, Jeffrey Lindemuth, David Daughton

    A wide range of topics are covered, including: „Basic principles of lock-in amplifiers and filters„Appropriate wiring and source-measureinstrumentation for your samples„Hall and Quantum Hall effect measurements„Wafer-level DC, AC, and RF measurementsThe workshop includes a mix of lectures and...

  5. Noise: Wires, Cables, and Environment

    Online Presentations | 16 Apr 2024 | Contributor(s):: Jason Chonko

  6. High Impedance Hall Measurements and the Fully Guarded Insert

    Online Presentations | 16 Apr 2024 | Contributor(s):: Jeffrey Lindemuth

  7. Quantum Hall Characterization and a Balanced Current Source

    Online Presentations | 16 Apr 2024 | Contributor(s):: Emilio Codecido

  8. SCALE Student Poster: Thermal Characterization of Contemporary Electrical Insulation Materials

    Online Presentations | 15 Apr 2024 | Contributor(s):: Shanmukhi Sripada


  9. Technology Characterization and Radiation-Enabled Modeling

    Online Presentations | 03 Apr 2024 | Contributor(s):: Jeffrey S. Kauppila

  10. Radiation Enabled Model Development and Validation

    Online Presentations | 08 Mar 2024 | Contributor(s):: Jeffrey S. Kauppila

    This lecture will discuss techniques and methods for modeling single-event radiation effects at the transistor and circuit level. The lecture will also cover topics related to the validation of models using test data from custom on-chip measurement techniques developed over the last decade.

  11. Where Electricity and Light Meet: The Power of Infrared Spectroelectrochemical Techniques in Observing Surface Chemistry

    Online Presentations | 22 May 2023 | Contributor(s):: Yujia (Jerry) Zhai, NACK Network

    The aim of the talk is to introduce a state-of-the-art spectroscopic technique based on infrared spectroscopy that can be used to characterize the chemical species adsorbed on the electrode surfaces and provide ample information about the changes in the structures of adsorbed species under...

  12. Nano-Characterization and Nano-Fabrication using EB/IB Tools

    Online Presentations | 29 Sep 2022 | Contributor(s):: Tomoko Borsa, NACK Network

  13. Summer Research at Princeton University

    Online Presentations | 26 Sep 2022 | Contributor(s):: The Micro Nano Technology - Education Center

    This presentation discusses some of the undergraduate summer research opportunities available.

  14. Fabrication and Characterization of Nanostructures Using AFM

    Online Presentations | 26 Feb 2022 | Contributor(s):: Wesley C. Sanders, Glen Johnson, NACK Network

    The atomic force microscope (AFM) is a versatile characterization tool that allows users to acquire high-resolution images of nanoscale surface features. In addition to probing nanoscale surface topography, AFMs can be used to print nanoscale structures using additive and subtractive lithographic...

  15. Nano-Educators Topical Seminar Series

    Series | 12 Jan 2022 | Contributor(s):: NACK Network

    Please join us for a more in-depth dive of select nanotechnology topics, including resources and tips on how to share these ideas with your students. This series consists of 16 self-contained topics split between March-April and September-October. Though targeted for undergraduate studies,...

  16. Characterization - Scanning Electron Microscopy

    Online Presentations | 11 Jan 2022 | Contributor(s):: Atilla Ozgur Cakmak, NACK Network

  17. Cadmium Selenide Synthesis, Characterization and Modeling

    Teaching Materials | 22 Oct 2021 | Contributor(s):: Shelby Hatch, Evan R. Trivedi, Baudilio Tejerina, George C. Schatz

    This is a combined experiment/computational lab in which cadmium selenide quantum dot nanoparticles are synthesized, their spectra are studied, and the results are modeling using the CNDO/INDO semiempirical electronic structure code. Synthesis and Size Dependent Properties of CdSe Quantum...

  18. Characterizing Electrolytic Materials

    Teaching Materials | 31 Mar 2021 | Contributor(s):: Steven Kandel, NNCI Nano

     The lab is designed to help students understand that the resistance of an object depends on length, cross-sectional area, and the type of material. Students measure the current through objects to see that different materials resist current in different amounts. Students will find that,...

  19. Resistively-Detected NMR and Nuclear Resonance Imaging

    Online Presentations | 07 May 2020 | Contributor(s):: Yoshiro Hirayama

    NMR provides us versatile tool to physical, chemical, biological, and medical characterizations. However, conventional NMR suffers low sensitivity and cannot be applied to semiconductor quantum systems, such as single quantum well or wire. To overcome these difficulties,...

  20. Mystery Molecules: Identifying Materials with Nanoscale Characterization Tools

    Teaching Materials | 18 Mar 2020 | Contributor(s):: Maude Cuchiara, NNCI Nano

     In this lesson plan, students will be given several similar looking materials and asked to identify them by observing them at the macro and micro-scale. They will then be exposed to different analytical tools and describe how they can be used to explore materials at the nanoscale. ...