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  1. Sep 12 2022

    Data Cleaning with MATLAB

    Data Cleaning with MATLABInstead of cleaning your data cell by cell, did you know that MATLAB can simplify and automate your data cleaning tasks?Join us for a free data cleaning tutorial, where you...


  2. May 15 2018

    MATDAT18: Materials and Data Science Hackathon

    MATDAT18 is an NSF-funded “hackathon” in which teams, each composed of both materials (“mat”) researchers and data (“dat”) scientists, will work together to apply advanced data science methods to...


  3. Data-Centric Models for Multilevel Algorithms

    Online Presentations | 07 Feb 2016 | Contributor(s):: Samuel Guiterrez

    Today, computational scientists must contend with a diverse set of supercomputer architectures that are capable of exposing unprecedented levels of parallelism and complexity. Effectively placing, moving, and operating on data residing in complex distributed memory hierarchies is quickly becoming...

  4. Introduction to Reliability


    Generalized Reliability Model A Blind Fish in a River with a Waterfall Many reliability problems are activated by a threshold. If this threshold value is exceeded, some phenomenons are...


  5. Could you send me a example of input data?

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    email address:    zhaow09@sina.cn

    Thank you!


  6. Nahil Sobh

    Nahil Sobh is the site-lead of NCN at the University of Illinois and Project Lead for the KnowEnG’s Data Science Implementation team. He received a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, and a Ph.D....