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  1. The Basics of Quantum Monte Carlo

    Online Presentations | 15 Jun 2007 | Contributor(s):: Lucas Wagner, Jeffrey C Grossman, Jeffrey B. Neaton

    Quantum Monte Carlo is a highly accurate method to approximately solve the Schrodinger equation. I explain quantum Monte Carlo in a way that should be accessible to someone who is somewhat familiar with quantum mechanics. The discussion is mostly conceptual.Lucas Wagner is a postdoctoral...

  2. Nanotechnologies, Science and Society: Promises and Challenges

    Online Presentations | 10 May 2007 | Contributor(s):: James Leary

  3. Non Equilibrium Green's Functions for Dummies: Introduction to the One Particle NEGF equations

    Papers | 30 Oct 2006 | Contributor(s):: Magnus Paulsson

    Non equilibrium Green's function methods are regularly used to calculate current and charge densities in nanoscale (both molecular and semiconductor) conductors under bias. This method is mainly used for ballistic conduction but may be extended to include inelastic scattering. In this tutorial...

  4. A Gentle Introduction to Nanotechnology and Nanoscience

    Online Presentations | 13 Feb 2006 | Contributor(s):: Mark Ratner

    While the Greek root nano just means dwarf, the nanoscale has become a giant focus of contemporary science and technology. We will examine the fundamental issues underlying the excitement involved in nanoscale research - what, why and how. Specific topics include assembly, properties,...

  5. Nanotechnology 101 Lecture Series

    Series | Contributor(s):: Joseph M. Cychosz (editor)

    Welcome to Nanotechnology 101, a series of lectures designed to provide an undergraduate-level introduction to nanotechnology. In contrast, the Nanotechnology 501 series offers lectures for the graduate-level and professional audiences.