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  1. Liquid Crystal Elastomer: A Stimuli Responsive Polymer

    12 Jan 2021 | | Contributor(s):: Selene Reyes Verhofstad, NEWT Center

    This whiteboard video is designed to engage K-12 students in high-level nanotechnology research. Liquid Crystals (LCs) Commonly used in LCDs, calculator screens, tabletsState of matter between solid and liquidContains molecules shaped like rods to encourage...

  2. NNCI Outreach Demonstration Guide

    10 Feb 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Nancy Healy, NNCI Nano

    This compendium of demonstrations includes 17 activities that can be used to demonstrate topics to students and the general public.  They are useful for science festivals, family science nights, and science cafes.  ...

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  5. Making a Liquid Crystal Thermometer

    09 Jan 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Rano Sidhu, NNCI Nano

    Liquid crystals are matter that has properties between those of a liquid and a solid. Liquid crystals may flow like a liquid but have crystals like a solid.colors of the objects are Color is the outcome of various light properties: absorption, refraction, or reflection. In the case of liquid...

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  7. Nanotechnology Principles Lab: Basic Principles

    07 Dec 2015 | | Contributor(s):: SHINE Project, SHINE Project

    This lab consists of demonstrations designed to teach students of any age about nanotechnology principles. Labs include Scale and Size, Thin Films, Ferrofluid, Magic Sand, Memory Wire, and Liquid Crystals. They can be used individually or in conjunction with each other. Most of the materials can...

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  11. Illinois 2011 NanoBiophotonics Summer School: Poster Day: Satoshi Ishii

    29 Nov 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Satoshi Ishii, Nadia Jassim

    Polarization selective and liquid crystal controlled gold nanolens laser.

  12. CHM 696 Lecture 8: Self-Assembled Monolayers/Supramolecular Surface Science I

    25 Apr 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Alexander Wei

  13. CHM 696 Lecture 7: Supramolecular Materials/Crystal Engineering and Metal-Organic Frameworks II

    21 Mar 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Alexander Wei

  14. CHM 696 Lecture 6: Supramolecular Materials/Crystal Engineering and Metal-Organic Frameworks I

    21 Mar 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Alexander Wei

  15. CHM 696 Lecture 9: Self-Assembled Monolayers/Supramolecular Surface Science II

    10 Mar 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Alexander Wei

  16. [Illinois] ECE 398: Electronic and Photonic Devices

    07 Feb 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Kent D Choquette

    Fall Semester, 2010 A first course on active and passive photonic devices and applications. Optical processes in dielectric and semiconductor materials discussed including waveguide propagation, confinement, electrical junctions, and emission/absorption. Active and passive photonic components...