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  1. nanoHUB-U Scientific Overview's

    21 Feb 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Joseph M. Cychosz

    The nanoHUB-U initiative seeks to bring the new insights and approaches being developed in nanoscience into the traditional fields of engineering and applied science, and to do this in a way that is broadly accessible to students without a long string of prerequisites.For more information on the...

  2. nanoHUB-U TE Thermal Energy at the Nanoscale: Scientific Overview

    21 Feb 2015 |

  3. nanoHUB-U: Course Logistics

    12 Oct 2012 | | Contributor(s):: Erich Huebner

  4. nanoHUB-U NT Nanoscale Transistors: Scientific Overview

    03 Aug 2012 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

    For details see http://nanohub.org/uNanoscale Transistors has been refined and condensed into a five-week online course that develops a unified framework for understanding essentials of nanoscale transistors without the need for admission, registration, or travel. This online course can be taken...

  5. nanoHUB-U FoN Quantum Models: Scientific Overview

    14 Feb 2012 | | Contributor(s):: Supriyo Datta

  6. nanoHUB-U FoN: Course Logistics

    09 Jan 2012 | | Contributor(s):: Supriyo Datta

  7. nanoHUB-U: Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics - Part A: Basic Concepts, 2nd Edition

    04 Dec 2014

    Basic Concepts presents key concepts in nanoelectronics and mesoscopic physics and relates them to the traditional view of electron flow in solids.


  8. nanoHUB-U: Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics - Part B: Quantum Transport, 2nd Edition

    28 May 2015

    Second in a two part series, this nanotechnology course provides an introduction to more advanced topics, including the Non-Equilibrium Green’s Function (NEGF) method widely used to analyze quantum...