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  1. is the C-Si used in the simulation doped or not?

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    I need information about if is the crystalline silicon use din the simulation doped or not?


  2. Sep 03 2020

    The Online Materials Education Symposium

    The Online Materials Education Symposium is a free event, designed to inspire and create discussion around online materials-related undergraduate teaching and to share best-practices.Join online to...


  3. Bandgap Manipulation of Armchair Graphene nanoribbon

    01 Sep 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Lance Fernandes

    Bandgap Manipulation is very important for various applications. Optical Devices need smaller Bandgap where as Diode's need larger Bandgap. Armchair graphene Nanoribbon (AGNR) has a special property where if the numbers of atoms are multiple of three or multiple of three plus one, they are...

  4. Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Propulsion Applications

    26 Aug 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Li Qiao

    In this talk, Prof. Qiao will discuss the use of molecular dynamics simulations to examine thermodynamics, transport properties, and fluid models of supercritical fuel systems.

  5. Micromagnetics and OOMMF Tutorial Series

    20 Aug 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Michael Joseph Donahue

    Background readingThe following papers provide nice introductions to micromagnetics theory and practice:Micromagnetism by Lukas Exl, Dieter Suess and Thomas Schrefl.General Micromagnetic Theory and Applications, Helmut Kronmüller in Materials Science and Technology, 2019 Wiley-VCH Verlag...

  6. Micromagnetics and OOMMF Lecture 1: Fundamentals of Micromagnetic Simulations, Installation of OOMMF

    20 Aug 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Michael Joseph Donahue

    See abstract for this lecture's homework.

  7. Micromagnetics and OOMMF Lecture 2: OOMMF Basics

    20 Aug 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Michael Joseph Donahue

    Installation on Linux, Setting up OOMMF Simulations

  8. Micromagnetics and OOMMF Lecture 3: Advanced Topics

    20 Aug 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Michael Joseph Donahue

    Common Pitfalls, Working with MIF Files, Command-line Tools, Working with Extensions

  9. Micromagnetics and OOMMF Lecture 4: Advanced Topics and Post-Processing

    20 Aug 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Michael Joseph Donahue

  10. Priyanka Raju Angarkhe


  11. Faizus Salehin



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    I want to ask that right after we get simulation results, the text file of potential vs distance has 2 readings. potx1 and potx1(#2) what does the hash value specify? 



  13. Mohammad Soltani


  14. Stories from the NNI: A Platform to Share Nano Simulation Tools - A Conversation with Gerhard Klimeck

    04 Mar 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Gerhard Klimeck, Lisa Friedersdorf

    In this episode of Stories from the NNI, Lisa Friedersdorf, Director of the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, speaks with Gerhard Klimeck, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University and Director of nanoHUB, about an online platform that shares modeling and...



  16. 3 min. Research Talk: The Agrivoltaic Simulation tool

    23 Oct 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Hans Torsina

    The Agrivoltaic Simulation tool will calculate based on the solar panel parameters, geometries, patterns, and tracking system to provide outputs of contour shadowmaps, solar and electrical power output plots, along with input-output tables.

  17. Quantum Computers for Chemistry

    13 Aug 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Kenneth R. Brown

    In this talk, I will describe the current state of the art of chemistry on a quantum computer and explain why quantum error correction will likely be required for quantum computers to outperform conventional machines in this domain. I will present experimental results demonstrating chemistry...

  18. Digital Manufacturing

    07 Jun 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Jian Cao

    This lecture focuses on the future of manufacturing, envisioned to be a mixture of customized manufacturing and concentrated manufacturing.

  19. Mechanically-Driven Nano-Manufacturing of Atomically-Thin Origami and Kirigami Structures

    22 Apr 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Sungwoo Nam

  20. Bandstructure Effects in Nano Devices With NEMO: from Basic Physics to Real Devices and to Global Impact on nanoHUB.org

    08 Mar 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Gerhard Klimeck

    This presentation will intuitively describe how bandstructure is modified at the nanometer scale and what some of the consequences are on the device performance.