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  1. Tuberculosis Model Incorporating Treatment, Vaccination, and Antibiotic Resistance

    27 May 2021 | Contributor(s):: Antonio Zdanis Neher

    Run though an interactive application to learn more about the consequences of antibiotic resistant pathogens through the lens of Tuberculosis.

  2. Materials for Hydrogen-Based Energy Conversion

    25 May 2021 | | Contributor(s):: Nicole Shuman, Susan P Gentry

    Simulate the effects different materials have on hydrogen-based energy conversion.

  3. CD8 T-cell Simulation

    27 Apr 2021 | | Contributor(s):: Hanna, Tyler Scott, T.J. Sego

    Simulation of CD8 T-cell differentiation in the early immune response

  4. nanoHUB R&D 100 Award Submission Video

    05 Mar 2021 | | Contributor(s):: Gerhard Klimeck, Alejandro Strachan

    We at nanoHUB would like to thank our users and content contributors as well as our partners at Purdue University and elsewhere around the globe for all the support they have given us over the years. We couldn’t have done it without you.Purdue University nanoHUB.org, a web platform for...

  5. Influenza In Host Kinetics Model

    19 Dec 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Hanna, Tyler Scott, James A Glazier, Josua Oscar Aponte-Serrano

    Module explaining the in-host viral kinetics of IAV under different conditions.

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  7. Machine Learning in Materials - Center for Advanced Energy Studies and Idaho National Laboratory

    24 Sep 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Alejandro Strachan

    his hands-on tutorial will introduce participants to modern tools to manage, organize, and visualize data as well as machine learning techniques to extract information from it. ...

  8. nanoHUB: Online Simulation and Data

    24 Sep 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Alejandro Strachan

    These slides introduce nanoHUB, an open platform for online simulations and collaboration.

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  11. Stories from the NNI: A Platform to Share Nano Simulation Tools - A Conversation with Gerhard Klimeck

    04 Mar 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Gerhard Klimeck, Lisa Friedersdorf

    In this episode of Stories from the NNI, Lisa Friedersdorf, Director of the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, speaks with Gerhard Klimeck, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University and Director of nanoHUB, about an online platform that shares modeling and...

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  14. Silicon on insulator

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    Anybody knows silicon on insulator design in comsol multihysics


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  17. SPICE Subcircuit Generator for Ferromagnetic Nanomaterials

    05 Feb 2018 | | Contributor(s):: Onur Dincer, Azad Naeemi

    Generates SPICE subcircuit netlist for ferromagnetic nanometarials for spintronic devices

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  20. NNCI Modeling/Simulation Tools List

    07 Jun 2017 | Datasets | Contributor(s):

    By NNCI Computation

    Purdue University

    NNCI Modeling/Simulation Tools List provides a collective inventory of modeling and simulation resources and capabilities across NNCI sites and includes helpful information such as a point of...