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  1. how to find the band gap in a density of states curve

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  2. Is it possiple to simulate new materials by inputting Eg, Nc, Nv etc.?

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  3. Freeze Out question in carrier statistics lab

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    In the carrier Statistics lab, what are the energies for the donor and acceptor levels?

    Also, when I look at Freeze out, the numbers I see confuse me. In slide 12 of the First Time...


  4. where does the value of the Si bandgap come from that is being used

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    I am used to seeing – 1.1242eV as the Si bandgap


  5. Carrier Statistics Lab: First-Time User Guide

    09 Mar 2009 | | Contributor(s):: Abhijeet Paul, Gerhard Klimeck, Benjamin P Haley, Saumitra Raj Mehrotra

    This first-time user guide is an introduction to the Carrier Statistics Lab . It provides basic definitions, guidance on how to run the tool, and suggested exercises to help users get accustomed to the idea of distribution functions as well as how these functions are used in determining the...

  6. Benjamin P Haley

    Ben received his B.S. in Physics from Purdue in 1998. He worked for Cummins Engine Co and Intel before attending graduate school at UC Davis. He received a Masters in Engineering Applied Science in...


  7. Abhijeet Paul

    Abhijeet Paul is a Device Engineer at GLOBALFOUNDRIES USA, located at Albany. He is currently working on the device analysis, electrical characterization, modeling, TCAD and electrical targetting...