ECE 695A Lecture 9R: Review Questions

By Muhammad Alam

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

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Review Questions:

  1. Does NBTI power-exponent depend on voltage or temperature?
  2. Do you expect the NBTI power-exponent to be larger or smaller if trapping is important?
  3. How does one know that the diffusing species is neutral?
  4. How would the time-exponent different for a surround gate MOSFET vs. planar MOSFET?
  5. In classical MOSFETs, mobility changes can often be safely ignored – can you explain why?
  6. Will there be any NBTI degradation if there are no Si-H bonding?
  7. What would happen to NBTI degradation if H could not diffuse through poly-silicon?

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