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Arvind Ajoy

What does confinement direction in UTB refer to?

Hi, In calculating the bandstructure for UTB films, the field “Confinement Direction” mentions the “Y” direction. However, the graphic shows “Y” along the width of the device.

What does “Confinement Direction” refer to ?

Thanks Arvind

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    Benjamin P Haley

    Hi, Thanks for using band structure lab! In the UTB case, the Y direction is the non-transport direction which is “sandwiched” between the top and bottom oxide layers. By specifying both the transport (X) and confinement (Y) crystal vectors we can orient the device for calculating band structure. Many of the labels on nanoHUB tools have “tool tips” which pop up brief explanations of input fields, if you hold your mouse over the label.

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    Abhijeet Paul

    Thanks for bringing this to notice. The problem in the description of the tooltips have been fixed and new version of the tool has this correct. Thanks for using this tool.

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