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average velocity vs gate voltage for single and double gate mosfets

The injection velocity vs gate voltage curve for the single and double gate mosfets dips to 0 at gate voltages greater than 0.2 volts. But it shows the usual curve for the nanotubes and nanowires. Is it a software bug or am I conceptually wrong?

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    David A Saenz

    I am not sure what you mean with “dips”, but saturation velocity is constant for materials when exposed to high E fields. Injection velocity could only be affected by the duality of the gates by providing additional modes through which electrons can be injected into the channel. As the channel gets saturated with conduction electrons, at some point, having more incoming electrons would not really affect much the injection velocity. It would rather create a bottle neck of electrons and possible leakage currents towards the transistor insulating material. This if the transistor is biased enough.

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