December '20 - March '21. Tuesdays at 2:00 pm EST:
June 2020 - Interactive Two-Part Virtual Miniworkshop on Open-Source CompuCell3D Multiscale, Virtual-Tissue Spatio-Temporal Simulations of COVID-19 Infection, Viral Spread and Immune Response and Treatment Regimes. For more information, go here
May 2019 - Node members Nicholas Brunk, Trevor Douglas, and Vikram Jadhao presented an outreach poster on virus superlattice self-assembly at the Indiana University Research Technologies Exposition.  The poster won a Best Scientific Visualization award and was among those highlighted in a newsletter.
April 2019 - Node members Nicholas Brunk, Trevor Douglas, and Vikram Jadhao published a paper in ACS Applied Bio Materials expanding on experimental work on virus lattice assembly and providing a Molecular Dynamics model predicting many of the results.
August 2018 - Node member Nicholas Brunk was a representative for Nanobio at the Nanohub Booth at an American Chemical Society conference.
March 2018 - Node member Trevor Douglas published a paper in ACS Nano describing the directed self-assembly of virus particles to form an ordered face centered cubic lattice. 
March 2018 - Node members Nicholas Brunk, Lauren Nilsson, and Vikram Jadhao gave talks at APS March meeting in Los Angeles and introduced the community to the deployed apps and upcoming tools.
Feb 2018 - Jadhao, Macklin, Glazier, Somogyi, Heiland, and graduate students JCS Kadupitiya and Anwar Shaikh participated in the Code Nano workshop in Purdue University.
Oct 2017 - A peer-reviewed conference article on the processes related to the development of a tool (Ions in Nanoconfinement) appeared in Gateways 2017 conference.