Sentaurus Resources for Frozen Potential Analysis of Solar Cells

By Jim Moore

Purdue University



Published on


Two Sentaurus simulation examples demonstrating injection and photocurrent separation using frozen potentials. Includes an example for a simple p-i-n cell and a CIGS/CdS heterojunction cell, as well as Matlab scripts for plotting the results. Documentation is included in the form of the paper reporting on this procedure for TECHCON 2014 by James E. Moore and Mark Lundstrom.


J.E. Moore, M.S. Lundstrom "Using Sentaurus to Understand Superposition Failure in Thin Film Solar Cells" TECHCON 2014

J.E. Moore, S. Dongaonkar, R.V.K Chivali, M.A. Alam, M.S. Lundstrom “Correlation of Built-In Potential and I--V Crossover in Thin-Film Solar Cells,” IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics July 2014

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