Introduction to Carbon Nanotube Electronics

By Susan Sinnott

University of Florida



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Carbon nanotubes (CNT) have interesting, structure-dependent electronic properties. In particular, CNTs can be a metallic or semiconducting depending on the way in which the carbon atoms are arranged in the CNT walls. The purpose of this learning module is to familiarize students with the basic concepts associated with CNT electronic properties. It begins with a pre-test to assess initial student knowledge of the topic, followed by a presentation and reading material on the electronic properties of CNTs. This is followed by some exercises that utilize the CNTbands tool on the nanoHUB for computing key electronic properties of CNTs. Finally, a post-test is administered to determine the degree to which the module assisted in student learning of the fundamental concepts associated with the electronic properties of CNTs.

This series is a set of materials formerly known as a "Learning Module." The presentations are meant to be viewed in sequence to get a full understanding of the topic. Please click on the following links in order to access each of the presentations in sequence.


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