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  1. A Signed Particle Formulation of Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

    03 Jun 2015 | Contributor(s):: Jean Michel D Sellier

    A formulation of non-relativistic quantum mechanics in terms of Newtonian particles is presented in the shape of a set of three postulates. In this new theory, quantum systems are described by ensembles of signed particles which behave as field-less classical objects which carry a...

  2. 3D wavefunctions

    Animations | 12 Apr 2010 | Contributor(s):: Saumitra Raj Mehrotra, Gerhard Klimeck

    In quantum mechanics the time-independent Schrodinger's equation can be solved for eigenfunctions (also called eigenstates or wave-functions) and corresponding eigenenergies (or energy levels) for a stationary physical system. The wavefunction itself can take on negative and positive values and...

  3. Thermoelectric Power Factor Calculator for Superlattices

    Tools | 18 Oct 2008 | Contributor(s):: Terence Musho, Greg Walker

    Quantum Simulation of the Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Conductivity in 1D Superlattice Structures using Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions

  4. Thermoelectric Power Factor Calculator for Nanocrystalline Composites

    Tools | 18 Oct 2008 | Contributor(s):: Terence Musho, Greg Walker

    Quantum Simulation of the Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Conductivity in a 2D Nanocrystalline Composite Structure using Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions

  5. 1D Heterostructure Tool

    Tools | 04 Aug 2008 | Contributor(s):: Arun Goud Akkala, Sebastian Steiger, Jean Michel D Sellier, Sunhee Lee, Michael Povolotskyi, Tillmann Christoph Kubis, Hong-Hyun Park, Samarth Agarwal, Gerhard Klimeck, James Fonseca, Archana Tankasala, Kuang-Chung Wang, Chin-Yi Chen, Fan Chen

    Poisson-Schrödinger Solver for 1D Heterostructures

  6. AQME - Advancing Quantum Mechanics for Engineers

    Tools | 12 Aug 2008 | Contributor(s):: Gerhard Klimeck, Xufeng Wang, Dragica Vasileska

    One-stop-shop for teaching quantum mechanics for engineers

  7. ABACUS - Assembly of Basic Applications for Coordinated Understanding of Semiconductors

    Tools | 16 Jul 2008 | Contributor(s):: Xufeng Wang, Daniel Mejia, Dragica Vasileska, Gerhard Klimeck

    One-stop-shop for teaching semiconductor devices

  8. Theoretical Electron Density Visualizer

    Tools | 01 Jul 2008 | Contributor(s):: Baudilio Tejerina

    TEDVis calculates and displays 3D maps of molecular ED and its derivatives from the wave function.

  9. Quantum Dot Spectra, Absorption, and State Symmetry: an Exercise

    Teaching Materials | 30 Mar 2008 | Contributor(s):: Gerhard Klimeck

    The tutorial questions based on the Quantum Dot Lab v1.0 available online at Quantum Dot Lab. Students are asked to explore the various different quantum dot shapes, optimize the intra-band absorption through geometry variations, and consider the concepts of state symmetry and eigenstates.

  10. Quantum and Semi-classical Electrostatics Simulation of SOI Trigates

    Tools | 19 Feb 2008 | Contributor(s):: Hyung-Seok Hahm, Andres Godoy

    Generate quantum/semi-classical electrostatic simulation results for a simple Trigate structure

  11. NEMO5 distribution and support group


    Getting NEMO 5   Access to NEMO5 source and executables is free, with restrictions. Please see the following page for commercial and academic licenses:...