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  1. What are courses?

    The nanoHUB-U InitiativeTranscending disciplines with short courses accessible to students in any branch of science or engineering. Cutting-edge topics distilled into short lectures with quizzes,...


  2. Frequently Asked Questions about Courses on nanoHUB

    What is the difference between free courses and courses I pay for? I paid for an instructor-led course. How do I get in? I am not sure which courses I am enrolled in. How can I check this? Why...


  3. Can I contribute a tool on nanoHUB that has binary code only?

    Generally, we don’t recommend submitting binary code as a tool on nanoHUB. Code can be sensitive to changes in libraries or other changes in our operating system and compiled binaries do not...


  4. Why do I need Java?

    In order to access nanoHUB simulation tools, you must have Java version 1.4 or later installed on your machine and enabled in your web browser. Note that Java is not the same as Javascript. Visit...


  5. What are groups?

    Work together with your colleagues on nanoHUBCreate a group to organize your interactions. Group members can:Post content that only other group members are allowed to see Brand their with their...


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  1. Model Selection Using Gaussian Mixture Models and Parallel Computing

    20 Jul 2016 | Tools | Contributor(s): Tian Qiu, Yiyi Chen

    Model Selection Using Gaussian Mixture Models


  2. [Illinois] Microfluidic Design Enables Single-cell and Sub-cellular Protein Measurement

    20 Jul 2016 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Amy Herr

    The overall objective of the 2015 BioNanotechnology Summer Institute is to enhance the ability to address challenges in Cancer Nanotechnology and Mechanobiology, offering expertise from...


  3. [Illinois] Chemical and Biological Detection for Diagnostic, Food Safety, and Drug Safety using the Internal Sensing Capabilities of Mobile Devices

    20 Jul 2016 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Brian Cunningham

    The overall objective of the 2015 BioNanotechnology Summer Institute is to enhance the ability to address challenges in Cancer Nanotechnology and Mechanobiology, offering expertise from...


  4. Stochastic Multi-Objective Optimization Tool

    29 Jun 2016 | Tools | Contributor(s): Juan Sebastian Martinez, Martin Figura, Ilias Bilionis, Piyush Pandita, Rohit Kaushal Tripathy

    Perform multi-objective optimization for limited observations of expensive experiments


  5. Cu in CdTe Lab (2D Version)

    12 Jul 2016 | Tools | Contributor(s): Abdul Rawoof Shaik, Dragica Vasileska, Da Guo, Richard Akis

    2D diffusion-reaction simulator of Cu migration in polycrystaline CdTe solar cells with Grain Boundaries


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  1. Book Web Page

    Lundstrom’s book web page:Near-Equilibrium Transport: Fundamentals and Applications by Mark S. Lundstrom and C. Jeong, Purdue UniversityBook errataIf you discover errors in the lecture notes,...


  2. Prospectus

    Lessons from NanoscienceInformation for prospective authors:Authors interested in contributing to the series should prepare a short prospectus for a proposed volume of less than 300 pages. Include...


  3. Lessons from Nanoscience

    World Scientific Publishing Company: Lessons from NanoscienceClick here for more titles in nanoscience from World Scientific Publishing Company. More than 50 years of research and development have...


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