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Student NCN is working to develop a Student Leadership team. In April, we held our first NCN Student Workshop. More than 40 students from 5 universities attended this workshop, receiving an overview of what NCN is now, and prospects for the future.

The first day of the workshop, students heard talks on the four themes of NCN: nanoelectronics, nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS), nano-bio devices and systems, and computation/software. The leader of each theme presented a thirty minute talk to the students about research that is currently being done and what they hope to accomplish in the future.

Student Also on the first day, a representative from the Dean of Students office talked about leadership and team-building. The students participated in a fun activity to help them build teamwork and communication.

NCN also conducted a usability survey for the Web site. The students had to complete a list of tasks requiring them to find information on the site, and they evaluated how easy/difficult it was to complete each task. Their comments were positive, but we did receive some keen insights into trouble spots, and some ideas of what we could do to make our site more user-friendly. For example, their comments led to a complete redesign of our built-in search capability.

On the last day of the workshop, the students watched a seminar on public speaking. Soon, many of the NCN students will be defending their thesis and going out into the world. This seminar helped the students gain a better understanding of how to give a good scientific presentation.

Student At the end of the workshop, the Dean of Students office worked with the students to learn what NCN could do to better serve them. We received valuable input from the students during this activity.

Below is the list of speakers and their presentations. Most of these are available online at the nanoHUB.

Title Author
Introducing the NCN Mark Lundstrom
Director NCN, Purdue University
The NCN Cyberinfrastructure (pdf) Gerhard Klimeck
Technical Director NCN, Purdue University
Nanoelectronics Overview (pdf) Supriyo Datta
Director of INAC, Purdue University
Nano-Bio Overview Ashraf Alam
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Purdue University
ERC Student Leadership Programs (pdf) Joe Cychosz
Systems Programmer, Purdue University
Leadership Teambuilding (pdf) Bridget Golden
Assistant Dean of Students, Purdue University
NEMS/nanofluidics Overview Jayathi Murthy
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
Scientific Computing, Scripting, and Rappture (pdf) Michael McLennan
Senior Research Scientist, Purdue University
The NSF Teragrid Sebastien Goasguen
Research Scientist, Purdue University
Introduction to CVS (pdf) Gerhard Klimeck
Technical Director NCN, Purdue University
Public Speaking for Scientists and Engineers Melissa Hines
Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Cornell University

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