Nanoelectronic Modeling Lecture 33: Alloy Disorder in Bulk

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This presentation discusses disorder in AlGaAs unstrained systems in bulk.

  • Bandstructure of an ideal simple unit cell
  • What happens when there is disorder?
  • Concept of a supercell
  • Band folding in a supercell
  • Band extraction from the concept of approximate bandstructure
  • Comparison of alloy disorder with the virtual crystal approximation
  • Configuration noise, concentration noise
  • How large does an alloy supercell have to be? When does the “bulk” condition occur?

Learning Objectives:

  1. Bandedges and bandgaps are influenced by:
    1. Placement / configuration disorder
    2. Concentration noise
    3. Clustering
  2. System size is very important
    1. “bulk” starts at 100,000 atoms
    2. => Nanostructures are not “bulk”
      => like quantum dots, nanowires, and quantum wells vary locally

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