SUGARCube - Cantilever

By Fengyuan Li1; Brandon Patterson1; Jason Clark1; yi zeng1

1. Purdue University

Cantilever modeling and simulation with different loads

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Version 1.0.2 - published on 20 Aug 2014

doi:10.4231/D3Z02Z93N cite this

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The simulator is currently designed to simulate cantilever beams. A cantilever beam is a beam that is anchored at one end while the tip of the beam is allowed to hang freely. The tool is designed to simulate how the cantilever beam will act under various forces and moments. There are two different simulations can be done by the tool: static analysis and (up to two parameters) sweep analysis. In the static analysis, up to four sets of three dimensional (3-D) loads (forces and moments) can be applied on the cantilever at user defined positions. The final output of the tool is graphic representation of the beam that shows deflection of the beam in user defined view angle as well as the numerical value of the deflection at interested point in table format. The netlist file which is used in SUGAR simulation is available to be downloaded in the end for user’s future development.


This tool is based on the work of Fengyuan Li, and Brandon Patterson.

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  • Fengyuan Li, Brandon Patterson, Jason Clark, yi zeng (2014), "SUGARCube - Cantilever," (DOI: 10.4231/D3Z02Z93N).

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