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Date Title Creator Length
Learning Module: Bonding and Band Structure in Silicon Ravi Pramod Kumar Vedula 0 bytes
Lundstrom Group Nicholas Vargo 0 bytes
nanoHUB: Lowering Barriers to Modeling and Simulation Gerhard Klimeck 0 bytes
The Bohr Model of the Atom Greg Lush 0 bytes
NCN Nano-Devices for Medicine and Biology Joseph M. Cychosz 0 bytes
BB Test Behtash Behin-Aein 0 bytes
Quantum Mechanics for Electrical Engineers Greg Lush 0 bytes
Band Bending and Potential & Kinetic Energies Lesson Greg Lush 0 bytes
CNT Bands Problems Denis Areshkin 0 bytes
French & American Young Engineering Scientists Symposium 2009 Joseph M. Cychosz 0 bytes
PN Junction: Qualitative Analysis Lesson Greg Lush 0 bytes
Molecular Modeling and Electronic Structure Calculations with QC-Lab Marcelo Carignano 0 bytes
The NEGF Approach to Nano-Device Simulation Supriyo Datta 0 bytes
SCHRED Learning Materials Dragica Vasileska 0 bytes
Carriers in Semiconductors Lesson Greg Lush 0 bytes
MOSCap Learning Materials Saumitra Raj Mehrotra 0 bytes
Comments on the Topics Component Michael McLennan 0 bytes
MEEP (MIT Electromagnetic Equation Propagation) Malika Sen Datta 0 bytes
NEMO3D Gerhard Klimeck 0 bytes
Help: Templates Shawn Rice 0 bytes