ABACUS Bandstructure Models (Spring 2022)

By Gerhard Klimeck

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

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Run ABACUS Tool Suite In the third session, Dr. Klimeck will give a brief overview of ABACUS and demonstrate several bandstructure tools. With these, students can explore the Standard Periodic Potential aka Kronig-Penney model as well as bandstructure formation by transmission through finite barriers. They can change barrier heights or shapes and gain a “feeling” for the resulting shapes and effective masses of the bands. The more sophisticated bandstructure lab enables students to model standard bulk materials such as Si or GaAs in a sophisticated Tight Binding model used in NEMO5. Effects of various strain configurations can be modeled and visualized. The tool can also model the bandstructure of modern nanowires. Some of these tools are powered by NEMO5 which is now being used to design nanometer scaled transistors in industry.

A earlier verson, Winter 2021, of this presentation can be found here.

ABACUS Bandstructure Tool

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