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About us

NEEDS (New Era Electronic Devices and Systems) is charged to advance electronics science and connect it to applications. NEEDS is a five-year initiative funded by the National Science Foundation and the Semiconductor Research Corporation consisting of teams at MIT, U.C. Berkeley, Stanford, and Purdue. Our goal was to create infrastructure to support end-to-end research and to bring the “simulate-model-design” paradigm that has been so successful in traditional electronics to new fields. Because of the short timeframe, we took a very focused approach centered on deeply physical compact models. These kinds of models connect fundamental research to applications. NEEDS has also created a comprehensive, online resource – a set of models, best practices and processes supported by a suite of tools and educational resources. NEEDS research advanced the science of nanodevices and integrated nanosystems while guiding the development of this infrastructure and benefitting from it.

For more information:

Read: The NEEDS Story: 2012-2017

Why we did it, what was accomplished, and where we are heading.

Read: The Model and Algorithm Prototyping Platform (MAPP) (Jaijeet Roychowdhury, U.C. Berkeley)

A modern, well-structured, open-source tool that make it possible to develop and debug high-quality "simulation ready" device models.


Read about NEEDS end-to-end, application-driven research

Read: The MIT Virtual Source (MVS) Model: from Device Science to Circuits and Systems (Dimitri Antoniadis, MIT)

Read: Fundamental and Transduction Limits of Nanobiosensors: An Sensors-to-system Perspective (Muhammad Ashraful Alam, Purdue)

Read: End-to-end Design of PV Systems including Variability and Reliability (Muhammad Ashraful Alam, Purdue)

Read: A New Non-linear Noise Model for Scaled CMOS Transistors (Saeed Mohammadi, Purdue)

Read: On-Chip Photonic Frequency Combs (Peter Bermel, Purdue)

Read: Scalable SOI Transistor Models and Process Design Kits (PDKs) (Saeed Mohammadi, Purdue)

Read: Spintronic Circuits (Supriyo Datta, Purdue)

Read: Electro-Thermal Transport, Thermoelectric Devices, and NEEDS (Mark Lundstrom, Purdue)

Read: The Resonant Body Transistor (Luca Daniel, MIT)

Read: Uncertainty Quantification for Silicon Photonics (Luca Daniel, MIT)

Read: Demonstration of Model-driven Approach to Science to Systems Research for Emerging Logic and Memory Technologies (H.S.P. Wong, Stanford University)

Read: From Science to Nanofunctions with 2D Transistors (Eric Pop, Stanford)

Read: Carbon Nanotubes Enable Highly Energy-Efficient Sub-10 nm Node Digital VLSI Systems (Subhasish Mitra, Stanford)