ECET 499N: Introduction to Nanotechnology

By Helen McNally

Purdue University



Published on


Spring 2010

An introduction to the emerging area of nanotechnology will be studied. The primary focus will be on the technologies of nanotechnology, with specific emphasis on electronics and electrical measurements. Instruments and techniques used in nanotechnology will be described and explored which include but are not limited to scanning probe microscopy, surface analysis and electron microscopy. Nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles will be covered. Applications of nanotechnologies in various disciplines will be introduced along with social implications of this exciting new area. This course also incorporates laboratory exercises to provide hands on design and analysis.

This course is in production during the Spring 2010 semester.

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Lecture Number/Topic Online Lecture Video Lecture Notes Supplemental Material Suggested Exercises
ECET 499N Lecture 1: Introduction View Flash View Notes (pdf)
ECET 499N: Nanoelectronics View
How does the resistance of a conductor change as we shrink its length all the way down to a few atoms? This is a question that has only become answerable during the last twenty years of work by...

Introduction to Quantum Dot Lab View HTML
View Notes (pdf)
The nanoHUB tool "Quantum Dot Lab" allows users to compute the quantum mechanical "particle in a box" problem for a variety of different confinement shapes, such as boxes,...

ECET 499N Lecture 2: Nanotechnology Background Information View
ECET 499N Lecture 3: Nanoelectronics I View Flash View Notes (pdf)
ECET 499N Lecture 4: Nanoelectronics II View Flash View Notes (pdf)
ECET 499N Lecture 5: Nanoelectronics III View Flash View Notes (pdf)
ECET 499N Lecture 5a: Nanoelectronics III - Datta Lecture Review View
ECET 499N Lecture 6: Scanning Probe Microscopy I View
ECET 499N Lecture 7: Scanning Probe Microscopy II View Flash View Notes (pdf)
ECET 499N Lecture 8: Electron Microscopy View Flash View Notes (pdf)
Guest lecture: Eric A. Stach

ECET 499N Lecture 9: XPS: X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy & ESCA: Electron Spectrometer for Chemical Analysis View Notes (pdf)
Guest Lecturer: Dmitry Zemlyanov

ECET 499N Lecture 10: Nanomaterials View Flash View Notes (pdf)
ECET 499N Lecture 11: Carbon Nanotubes - Synthesis and Applications View Flash View Notes (pdf)
Guest Lecture: Sungwon S. Kim

ECET 499N Lecture 12: Scanning Probe Microscopy Applications (in Neuroscience and Beyond) View Flash View Notes (pdf)