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Courses without borders bringing the new insights and approaches being developed in nanoscience into the traditional fields of engineering and applied science, and in a way that is broadly accessible to students without a long string of prerequisites


Presentations and other resources collected from research workshops


Regular classroom lectures recorded as-is and complemented with notes

Other education resources


Title Author(s)
Physics and Simulation of Nanoscale Electronic and Thermoelectric Devices Raseong Kim
Landauer Approach to Thermoelectrics Changwook Jeong
III-V Nanoscale MOSFETS: Physics, Modeling, and Design Yang Liu
Device Physics Studies of III-V and Silicon MOSFETS for Digital Logic Himadri Pal
Quantum and Atomistic Effects in Nanoelectronic Transport Devices Neophytos Neophytou
Inelastic Transport in Carbon Nanotube Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices Siyu Koswatta
Electron Phonon Interaction in Carbon Nanotube Devices Sayed Hasan
Exploring New Channel Materials for Nanoscale CMOS Anisur Rahman
Device Physics and Simulation of Silicon Nanowire Transistors Jing Wang
Carbon Nanotube Electronics: Modeling, Physics, and Applications Jing Guo
Modeling Quantum Transport in Nanoscale Transistors Ramesh Venugopal
Physics and Simulation of Quasi-Ballistic Transport in Nanoscale Transistors Jung-Hoon Rhew
Nanoscale MOSFETS: Physics, Simulation and Design Zhibin Ren
Two-Dimensional Scattering Matrix Simulations of Si MOSFET'S Carl R. Huster
Direct Solution of the Boltzmann Transport Equation in Nanoscale Si Devices Kausar Banoo
Computational and Experimental Study of Transport in Advanced Silicon Devices Farzin Assad

Textbook modules

Title Authors
Exams for Semiconductor Device Fundamentals Robert F. Pierret
Semiconductor Device Fundamentals Textbook Module A: Semiconductor Basics Robert F. Pierret
Semiconductor Device Fundamentals Textbook Module B: Diode Basics Robert F. Pierret
Semiconductor Device Fundamentals Textbook Module C: Transistor Basics Robert F. Pierret